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How did you become a writer? Have you always been writing?

Joy Fielding: Please read biography on website for answer.

You also wanted to be an actress and moved to LA. How did you like it there?

Joy Fielding: I hated L.A. and the whole lifestyle. I was very lonely and unhappy.

Is there a typical working day? If so, what does it look like?

Joy Fielding: I usually write in the mornings for 3 to 4 hours. Occasionally, I'll work all day, but it's hard to concentrate for that long. In the afternoons, I run errands, play golf or bridge, exercise etc.

How long does it take you to write a book?

Joy Fielding: 6 months to one year.

How do you come up with the characters and where do you get the ideas for your books?

Joy Fielding: See bio on website. And… It's almost impossible to say where I get my ideas. Usually, they just come- I overhear somebody say something, or something happens in my life or to a friend, or I read about something, and gradually a story starts to take shape. The same with the characters. Usually I write about women, and the women are often facets of my own personality and people I know.

How do you research?

Joy Fielding: Mostly casual research. I read a lot, newspapers, magazines. I speak to doctors, lawyers etc. I get information about cities, maps etc. I do only as much research as I have to to make the story believable.

Your first three novels "The Best of Friends", "Trance" and "The Transformation" are out of print. Will they be republished some day? What are they about (I am especially interested in 'The Best of friends", which sounds interesting)?

Joy Fielding: No, they won't be published again. They were very early works and no longer representative of my writing. THE BEST OF FRIENDS is the story of a young woman going through a difficult time after her marriage falls apart. THE TRANSFORMATION is about three girls in Hollywood at the time of a vicious mass murder. TRANCE is about a girl who is terrorized into killing her father.

Are there any negative aspects about being a writer?

Joy Fielding: While I love being a writer, there are certainly negatives: The chance for success is slim; you have no control over whether you get published or not; chances are you won't make any money; you spend a great deal of time along; you never have any job security; there's lots of internal pressure because all the ideas come out of your head; you're always afraid you won't have another idea; people can't wait to criticize what you've done.

In how many languages are your books published?

Joy Fielding: 23.

Which one of your own books is your favourite?

Joy Fielding: See Jane Run, Missing Pieces, Grand Avenue

One of your books I like most is "Life Penalty" ("Lebenslang ist nicht genug"), the story of a mother who killes her daughter’s murderer in the court room. It reminds me of a true story that happened in Germany in the early eighties (the Marianne Bachmaier case). Is your novel based on a true story like this?

Joy Fielding: I used this case as one of my inspirations. I read about it and wondered how I might react in such a situation, what drove the woman to do what she did.

What are your personal reading preferences?

Joy Fielding: I read as much as I can. Lots of contemporary fiction. In particular, I like Philip Roth and Carl Hiaasen.

Thank you very much for taking the time for this interview!
With greetings from Germany,
Renate Gaul

Joy Fielding: Hope this answers your questions. Good luck.
Joy Fielding

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